Art on the Land

Art on the Land
In this off-campus course we will utilize nature as both source and subject matter for art in a specific environment. To begin we will become familiar with the history of the region and develop a working knowledge of the native plants, animals, and terrain features of the Trinchera Ranch in Colorado. We will work inside and outside in a winter landscape to produce individual and collaborative artwork--sculpture, drawing, photography, and installations--in response to such common phenomena as daylight, moonlight, temperature, snow, ice, and wind. We will also work with materials found on the land to make artwork in response to such protean qualities of the natural environment as fragility, temporality, erosion, decay, and regeneration. Students will be expected to adapt to a new environment, quickly learn new techniques, be receptive to new ideas and work indoors and out seven days a week. Transportation, meals, lodging, and materials will be provided. Approval required; interested students should contact Monica McCabe at mmccabe@middlebury.edu no later than 4 p.m. on October 29th for an application. (Any one but preferably two of the following prerequisites: ART 0159 or ART 0160 or equivalents, HARC 0130, HARC 0330, ARDV 0116, ARDV 0117, FMMC 0105, or FMMC 0335. Open to any students who have these pre-requisites, not just studio art majors.) (This course will count as the ART 0160 prerequisite for 0300-level Studio Art courses.)
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