Voting in France and Europe

Le vote : usages et mutations des comportements politiques en France et en Europe / Voting in France and Europe: practices and mutations in political behaviours

This course will study the act of voting within the general framework of a reflection on the broadening of various ways for citizens to participate politically in modern democracies. It will also look at the many uses of voting, together with the different meanings the act of voting vehicles within European democracies. This is an area which has undergone change recently both in France and in Europe. Today, one might wonder whether the vote continues to be a central means of achieving democracy for modern citizenry. One might also wonder whether the vote is still one of the fundamental procedures within the democratic system and what the historical, sociological and political bases of electoral behaviour are made up of.
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FREN 6657

All Sections in Summer 2009, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2009, LS 6 Week Session

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