MusArt:Tradtn Meet Avant-Guard

MusArt: Tradition Meets Avant-Garde

Inspiration and creativity hold hands in the marriage of Music and Art in the first third of Spain’s 20th Century. In this class we will study the artistic and musical languages at the turn of the Century, impregnated by nationalisms that are transformed and re-invented to reach the highest level of the period’s artistic currents. We will start with Picasso and Falla; we will then continue with a discussion of their friends, collaborators and inspiring figures of the period; and finally we will explore Dalí’s Surrealism, making a stop in the musical and artistic inspiration of the Generación del 27. Through texts, musical selections and interpretations of artistic masterpieces, we will analyze the influences on these universal artists as well as the relationships between them and, therefore, we will understand the process of creation of the new language which lies at the center of the avant-garde and expression of Spain’s 20th Century. (1 unit)

No music or art background necessary in order to take this course.

Required texts : Material in course pack form to be purchased at Middlebury.
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SPAN 6627

All Sections in Summer 2008, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2008, LS 6 Week Session

SPAN6627A-L08 Lecture (Alvarez Diaz, Gonzalez Barrio)