20C Lit in Spain:War &Post-War

20th Century Literature in Spain: War and Post-war

This course is designed as an introduction to 20th Spanish literature through the analysis of a variety of works of narrative, drama and poetry. The main objective is to offer the student a substantial view of the literary work produced in Spain during the Civil War and later during Franco’s dictatorship. The authors to be read will include Miguel Hernández, Federico García Lorca, Camilo José Cela, Carmen Laforet, Ana María Matute, Miguel Delibes, Fernando Arrabal, Juan Goytisolo y Carmen Martín Gaite. Each of these writers will be studied in relation to the historical and cultural circumstances that shaped Spain from 1936 to 1975, since literature cannot be completely understood outside the social context under which it is created. The course will also include other texts, films and documentaries that appeared later chronologically, but that facilitate the understanding of the readings and the Spanish culture itself of this period of study. (1 unit)

Required texts: 1) Carmen Laforet, Nada (Destino); 2) Miguel Delibes, Cinco horas con Mario (Destino); 3) Camilo José Cela, La familia de Pascual Duarte (Destino); 4) materials in electronic or photocopy form.
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Summer 2008, LS 7 Week Session

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