Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis
This course is the culminating term of a multi-term independent project, resulting in a senior thesis on a topic pertinent to the relationship between humans and the environment. Approval to enroll is contingent on successful completion of at least one term (and up to two) of ENVS 0700 and the approval of the student’s thesis committee. The project, carried out under the supervision of a faculty advisor who is appointed in or affiliated with the Environmental Studies Program, will result in a substantial piece of scholarly work that will be presented to other ENVS faculty and students in a public forum and defended before the thesis committee. (Senior standing; ENVS major; ENVS 0112, ENVS 0211, ENVS 0215, GEOG 0120, and ENVS 0700; Approval only)
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ENVS 0701

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Fall 2024

ENVS0701A-F24 Senior Work (Mychajliw)
ENVS0701B-F24 Senior Work (Baker-Medard)
ENVS0701C-F24 Senior Work (Suarez)
ENVS0701D-F24 Senior Work (Crawford)
ENVS0701E-F24 Senior Work (Isham)
ENVS0701F-F24 Senior Work (McCauley)
ENVS0701G-F24 Senior Work (Klyza)
ENVS0701H-F24 Senior Work (Gould)
ENVS0701I-F24 Senior Work (Howarth)
ENVS0701J-F24 Senior Work (Ryan)
ENVS0701L-F24 Senior Work (Morse)
ENVS0701P-F24 Senior Work (Lapin)
ENVS0701S-F24 Senior Work (Costanza-Robinson)
ENVS0701U-F24 Senior Work (Brayton)