Global Maternal & Child Health

Global Maternal and Child Health*
In recent years, increased knowledge and action in global health have led to dramatic reductions in maternal and child mortality, yet significant challenges remain. In this course we will explore themes in global maternal child health including reproductive health, perinatal and newborn health, infectious disease, malnutrition, childhood development, humanitarian emergencies and migration. We will apply a social determinants framework to understand health inequities and explore strategies for strengthening health systems. Students will work in groups to develop a proposal for a maternal child health intervention, with a focus on gaining practical skills in data analysis and proposal writing.
Kim Wilson, MD, MPH is an academic pediatrician and global health professional from Boston with a focus on improving the health of underserved communities in the U.S. and globally. She has worked in Latin America and East Africa with programs to promote maternal and newborn survival, child health, and early childhood development./
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