IEM Project

This project-based course provides students with an opportunity to apply international education theory and research to solve problems of practice using inclusive design in global education. Students identify, design, and prepare implementation and assessment of a global education project in partnership with an external learning partner. Project work draws comprehensively from core and elective IEM classes, specifically demonstrating good practices in international education program design and assessment. Students work individually or in small groups to develop an applied project with advisement from the course professor. Projects demonstrate human-centered design reflecting key needs, good practices, ethics and standards, and equity-minded approaches with feedback from field experts.
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IEMG 8645

All Sections in Spring 2022 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term

Spring 2022 - MIIS, MIIS First Half of Term

IEMG8645A-S22 Lecture (Wick)
IEMG8645B-S22 Lecture (Chatham)