The Art of the Argument
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The Art of the Argument: Making Your Case With Persuasive Performance
In this course we will practice the fundamentals of delivering arguments to a judge or jury.  Against the backdrop of the Supreme Court’s seminal decision in Cohen v. California, students will learn about the First Amendment and freedom of speech, and will present a persuasive legal argument that may require them to advocate in favor of a position with which they disagree.  Students will explore how to respond to unpopular ideas and viewpoints by relying on persuasive argument techniques.  One week of this course will be co-taught by a visiting professor with a background and formal training in theater, during which time students will learn the physical and vocal techniques used by actors and the process by which they learn to persuade an audience.  At the same time, students will learn the rhetorical strategies used by courtroom lawyers, with a focus on rational argument and discourse.  Through body language and vocal coaching, role-reversal, and performance exercises, students will learn to persuade holistically with logic, empathy, passion, and purpose.
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