Senior Independent Study

The History Senior Thesis is required of all majors. It is written over two terms, with the final grade applying to both terms. The project is generally begun in the fall and completed during winter or spring. Approval is required to begin the thesis in winter or spring, and such students must still attend the Thesis Writer's Workshops that take place in fall and winter.
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HIST 0700

All Sections in Winter 2018

Winter 2018

HIST0700A-W18 Senior Work
HIST0700B-W18 Senior Work (Barrow)
HIST0700D-W18 Senior Work (Davis)
HIST0700E-W18 Senior Work (Clinton)
HIST0700F-W18 Senior Work (Armanios)
HIST0700G-W18 Senior Work (Mitchell)
HIST0700H-W18 Senior Work (Hart)
HIST0700I-W18 Senior Work (Ralph)
HIST0700J-W18 Senior Work (Mao)
HIST0700K-W18 Senior Work (Morse)
HIST0700L-W18 Senior Work (Burnham)
HIST0700M-W18 Senior Work (Bennette)
HIST0700N-W18 Senior Work (Ward)
HIST0700S-W18 Senior Work (Morsman)
HIST0700T-W18 Senior Work (Tropp)
HIST0700U-W18 Senior Work (Wyatt)