Luso-African Children in Lit

Luso-African Children in Literature
In this course we will focus on the representation of African children in fictional narratives of Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique. Childhood in these countries will be examined within the following historical frameworks: 19th century slave society in Brazil, the Civil War in Angola (1975-2002), and the Civil War in Mozambique (1976-1992). Questions we will consider include: how do children perceive and narrate the world around them while their world is literally falling apart? What are the basic parameters of children's perceptions? How does fiction represent slave children in Brazilian slave society? To what extent does this representation ratify and/or falsify history? Students will read historical accounts, philosophical essays on childhood, two novels by Luso-African authors, and one Brazilian play. (PGSE 0215 or one course at the 0300 level or above) 3 hrs. lect./disc
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