Romance Langs of Mediterranean

Romance Languages of the Mediterranean

Anyone who has studied more than one Romance language will have noted many similarities, but also some striking differences between them. This course aims to provide an understanding of why and how Latin split into separate languages, the mechanisms of linguistic change involved, and the ways in which they differ in structural terms. This course illuminates the complex ways in which structural, social, and cultural factors interact in the evolution of this group of languages. A further aim is to acquaint students with some of the "lesser known" Romance languages that are not commonly taught concentrating on the Romance languages and varieties spoken in the Mediterranean. This enables students to view in a wider perspective the languages that they have been studying, and it provides insights into which features can be considered typically Romance in the Mediterranean, and how far languages can diverge from these typical patterns and still be considered of the same language type. (1 unit)

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Summer 2010, LS 6 Week Session

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