Independent Projects

Independent Project
Qualified students may be permitted to undertake a special project in reading and research under the direction of a member of the department. Students should seek an advisor and submit a proposal to the department well in advance of registration for the term in which the work is to be undertaken. FREN 0500 projects or essays proposed by senior majors for fall or spring may be eligible for departmental honors. (Approval required by the department as a whole. See requirements above.)
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FREN 0500

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Winter 2010

FREN0500A-W10 Independent Study
FREN0500B-W10 Independent Study (Humbert)
FREN0500C-W10 Independent Study (O'Connor)
FREN0500D-W10 Independent Study (Schwartz)
FREN0500E-W10 Independent Study (Crouzieres-Ingenthron)
FREN0500G-W10 Independent Study (Poulin-Deltour)
FREN0500H-W10 Independent Study (McWilliams)
FREN0500I-W10 Independent Study (Doran)
FREN0500J-W10 Independent Study (Ladimer)
FREN0500K-W10 Independent Study (Nunley)
FREN0500L-W10 Independent Study (Tworek)