Environmental Prob. & Behavior

Environmental Problems and Human Behavior
Eco-psychologists believe there is a synergistic relation between our personal well-being and that of the earth. Viewed through this lens, damaging the eco-system is self-destructive behavior. In this course we will examine: (1) the state of the environment, (2) what motivates people to engage in pro-environmental behaviors (or not), and (3) the extent to which our views of self and happiness relate to our attitudes and beliefs about nature and the environment. In order to examine these issues we will investigate psychology's role in consumerism, community, and pro-environmental behaviors such as recycling. By the end of the semester we should be able to offer, based on the psychological research, suggestions for changes we can make as individuals, and as a society, to help protect the environment. (Any three psychology, neuroscience, or environmental studies courses; open to junior and senior psychology, neuroscience, and environmental studies majors; open to education studies minors by waiver; others by waiver) 3 hrs. sem.
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