Intro to the Study of Language

Introduction to the Study of Language

This is an introductory course to the scientific study of language. It is geared towards students with limited or no background in linguistics. Discussion centers on the following topics: the notion of language, brain and language, the grammatical aspects of language (words, sentence patterns, meanings and sounds), language acquisition, the birth and death of languages, language myths, and the relationship between language and society. In addition to the required texts, the instructor will provide other readings. (1 unit)

Required texts: 1) David Crystal, How Language Works (New York: Overlook Press, 2005); 2) Laurie Bauer and Peter Trudgill, Language Myths (New York: Penguin, 1998).
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All Sections in Summer 2007, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2007, LS 6 Week Session

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