Faking Reality

Faking Reality: Mockumentaries, Hoaxes & Pseudo-docs
The line between fiction and nonfiction media has always been blurred, but the rise of reality TV and digital video in the 21st century has expanded both the quantity and scope of works that straddle these categories. In this course we will explore the history, ethics, cultural impacts, and aesthetic possibilities of mockumentaries, hoax media, and other examples of film and television that challenge easy categorization as “truthful” or fictional. We will study a wide range of works, including F is for Fake, The Blair Witch Project, The Office, Borat, American Vandal, and The Rehearsal. The course will culminate in students either producing their own boundary-blurring media project or authoring a critical essay in written or videographic form. (FMMC 101 or 104) 3 hr. lecture / 3 hr. screening.
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