Social Neuroscience

Social Neuroscience
Social neuroscience integrates neuroscientific and psychological approaches to enrich our understanding of human social behavior. The field is concerned with how we recognize, understand, and interact with each other in social settings. We will explore how the brain processes (and is shaped by) social/emotional information and how it gives rise to our physiological, cognitive, and behavioral repertoires of social responses. Topics include: theories and methods of social neuroscience research, the brain bases of social processes such as the self, person perception, social affiliation, rejection and conflict, social cognition, group dynamics, emotions, and cultural neuroscience. (not open to students who have taken PSYC/NSCI 0437) (PSYC 0226 or PSYC 228 or NSCI 0252; Open to psychology or neuroscience majors only, others by approval) 3 hrs lect.
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