Karst and Cave Geology

Karst and Cave Geology
This course will provide an overview of the diverse aspects of a peculiar landscape known as “karst”, from surface geomorphology to caves as past environmental archives. Through in-class discussions and exercises, students will learn about karst hydrology and the challenges of using karst aquifers for drinking water supply. Students will understand the main processes of cave development, and how cave formations like stalagmites are created and can be used to generate paleoclimate records. A week-long fieldtrip to Mammoth Cave National Park will allow students to study the characteristic morphological features of both surface and subsurface karst. Students will discuss related topics such as landscape evolution, environmental pollution and cave archaeology with local experts. They will also gain experience in fieldwork such as karst spring monitoring or microclimate and sediment studies of caves and upon return to Middlebury College they will conduct labwork to analyse the different types of samples collected during fieldwork. Finally, they will interpret the results in small groups. (Any lab-based 100-level Geology course or permission from the Chair) (Approval Only) .
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