Spain in the Globalized World

Spain in the Globalized World
In this course we will look at the historical, cultural, and social development of 21st century Spain and its full integration into the Globalized World. One of the main goals of the course will be to provide an array of opportunities to practice oral expression, reading, and writing in the Spanish language. Topics will include Europeanization, the challenge of regional/national identities, and contemporary social issues such as the changing roles of: the family, women, religion, sexual attitudes, and immigration. We will engage these themes through the analysis and discussion of a wide variety of materials such as literary texts, essays, and films. Readings and films will include: Crematorio by Rafael Chirbes, La ciudadanía se moviliza: Los movientos sociales y la globalización en España by Joseph Pont Vidal, and También la lluvia by Icíar Bollaín. (SPAN 0220 or placement)
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