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Adv Program Eval Practicum

Advanced Program Evaluation Practicum

This course is entirely practical field work. It is for professionals who have determined that their career trajectory will include a substantial focus on monitoring and evaluation. The prerequisite for this course is DPMI, DPPG 8644, significant work experience in program evaluation outside of MIIS, or a graduate level course in program evaluation from another university. It is a 4 credit course.

Every student in the course must arrive on the first day with a client organization for which the student will do an evaluation. The evaluation can be of many different kinds, but imperative is that the student be able to design, implement, and report findings to the client within 15 weeks. Students can form teams to work with the same client. Students can also work solo.

The professor will serve as coach, mentor, guide, and consultant to students, and learning trajectories will therefore be unique for each student/student team. Readings, classroom exercises, and required deliverables will be different for different student teams.

The course can satisfy the DPP requirement for a SEMINAR; or, an Evaluation Course; or, Practicum (for second year students); or, elective. May not satisfy more than one of these basket requirements.

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DPPG 8686

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