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Adv Rhetoric & Genre

EAPP 8456 Advanced Rhetoric and Genre is a course designed to hone your research and writing skills in order to create fluid and interesting prose appropriate for the graduate level. The course is open to qualified international students. The content of the course will include a series of short essays, a genre presentation, and a final research paper that may be prepared in conjunction with another course.

The primary goals of this course are as follows:

• Developing critical reading skills,

• Learning how to correctly write and research an academic paper,

• Understanding how to blend sources without losing your own voice

• Introducing ways to document sources correctly using APA/Chicago format to avoid plagiarism,

• Understanding and implementing the characteristics of good writing into our own writing,

• Working on pre-writing skills such as brainstorming and outlining,

• Learning how to narrow and choose appropriate topics,

• Interacting with others through in-class discussion and writings on Moodle to
facilitate critical analysis and peer review

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EAPP 8456

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