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Legal Aspects of Compliance
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Corporate Risk Management entails the prevention and detection of fraud and financial crimes. However, it also entails the understanding of and compliance with state and federal laws and statutory regulations.

This two credit course will introduce participants to the legal aspects of compliance with those laws and regulations. The course will introduce participants to the United States court system (Federal and state) and highlight the differences between criminal and civil liability. It will introduce participants to pertinent state, federal, and non-US laws (including, for example, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, (“FCPA”), Sarbanes-Oxley Act, privacy laws, and the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), etc.) dealing with corporate compliance and take participants through the legal process of addressing an alleged violation of one or more of those laws or regulations. It will familiarize participants with the nature of a violation of state or federal laws and regulations, the legal and procedural steps of litigating such a violation, and the possible restitution that might be expected from the perpetrator of such a violation.

The course will use recent or ongoing state and federal court cases to help familiarize participants with the practical application of the subject matter of the course.

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