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Financial Side of Localization

This course will provide students the opportunity to apply the most common financial concepts utilized in the buying and selling of localization services. The focus will be on illustrating the stresses that both sides face in the "tug of war" between the vendor-side's need to achieve healthy profit margins, as contrasted against the client-side's need for maximum return on investment (ROI). On the vendor-side, we will explore the challenge of pricing projects and how LSPs can grow, or collapse, by those numbers. On the buyer side, we will examine the many financial indicators that localization managers use to justify investment for localization in the face of an often resistant senior management. Completing live exercises that mimic the trade-offs impacting LSPs and their clients as they weigh risk and return will be used to hone critical thinking skills throughout the course. Students will also be introduced to how the constant push and pull between localization buyers and sellers drives innovation, outside investment, and, ultimately, the growth of the localization industry today.
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TRLM 8662

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Fall 2021 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

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