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Advanced JavaScript

Have you ever looked at a line of code and wished you could understand it? Or perhaps you can make small changes to someone else's working code, but you've no idea how to write your own. Using javaScript as a base (with a bit of HTML thrown in), this class will teach you how to code from scratch. Because javaScript is a language (and a review is always handy if you don't use a language regularly) we'll start by reviewing definitions and then move on to how to communicate with users, manipulate data and strings, make decisions and control the flow of execution, validate data, write functions, troubleshoot, deal with browser peculiarities, create and use your own objects (OOP), access libraries, take advantage of CSS, store data in cookies, and manipulate screen elements in real-time. If time permits, we'll also show how to use javaScript to script the control of non-web applications as well, such as Photoshop.
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TRLM 8638

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