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DPPG 8529: Development: Theories and Practices

This course introduces students to the field of International Development as well as the key ideas, major debates and politics that inform its theoretical and practical boundaries. The first section of the course covers the theoretical debates around the intricate connections between economic, social and political development. The remaining sections discuss specific issue areas, such as globalization, human rights, human security, gender equity, and ideas of sustainable development. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a general and critical understanding of the field of International Development and an opportunity to begin to narrow down their own interests. It is organized by in-class discussions and the screening of documentary films with a strong focus on alternative approaches and social justice. As it is a course geared towards future practitioners and policy experts in development, the key assignments are focused on acquiring strong analytical tools accompanied by persuasion and influencing skills.

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DPPG 8529

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