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How do the theories and principles that students rigorously investigate in their academic work play out in the day-to-day practice of organizations? This course provides an opportunity for students to apply their classroom learning in an organizational setting. Prior to participating in the course, students arrange for their own internship or fieldwork, which they then undertake at the same time they are enrolled in the course. Students will learn both from the projects and challenges posed by the organization hosting their internship or fieldwork experience, and through explicit reflection on the experience through regular field reports and a final reflection piece linking the overall experience to aspects of their education. (Enrollment in this course may qualify students for Curricular Practical Training authorization or for internships that require academic credit.)

This course requires approval from the instructor to enroll. To request enrollment in the appropriate course/section:

• Graduate students (IPMG and TIAG), follow the process described in the link below.


• Middlebury College undergraduates (for IPMG-M), complete the steps described in this link.


International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) will authorize Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for fieldwork/internships in the U.S. for international students in F-1 status who are registered in the course and qualify for CPT.

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