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Games Localization

This course will provide a solid foundation in games localization, including a brief history of the industry, an overview of the various game platforms and genres, and how each have their own localization challenges. Students will study the games localization process, and how it fits in and often overlaps with software developmentand localization. Students will gain hands on experience localizing mobileand console games through using Xcode, Android Studio, Unity and Unreal. Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to confidently discuss games localization from the point of view of a translator, project manager or programmer.
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TRLM 8630

All Sections in Spring 2021 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only

Spring 2021 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only

TRLM8630A-S21 Lecture (Troyer)
TRLM8630B-S21 Lecture (Troyer)