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Advanced Terminology Mgmt

The focus of this course is the fourth rendition of the WIPO-PCT MIIS Terminology Collaboration. Students in the course will select a subject field within which to develop terminology records in collaboration with the WIPO-PCT Terminology Unit for potential publication in the WIPO Pearl terminology database. To develop terminology records, students will learn and follow the terminology processes of the PCT Terminology Unit. Individual contributions to the project are as follows:

· Students will contribute appropriate documents to a class corpus in the original entry language (OEL) of English.

· Students will carry out term extraction from the class corpus and identify terms to work with in the subject field. (No single concept may be repeated by more than one student.)

· Students will collaboratively build a concept map that reflects the concept relations among their terms.

· Students will build the English-language term blocks for their terms according to WIPO specifications.

· Students will research equivalencies and build target language term blocks for their terms, also according to WIPO specifications.

As a class, we’ll make a number of deliveries to WIPO terminologists for their validation (approval) as we progress through the project, including our OEL terminology and final termbase entries. The validation process over final termbase entries by WIPO is very strict. Final termbase entries that are validated (approved) by WIPO will be published in WIPO Pearl.

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