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Localization as a Profession

This course consists of three main parts. The first part of the course starts with building and managing your career in the localization industry, including job application, hiring process, interviews and employment contract negotiations. It then focuses on the skills needed to build a successful career in localization, including goal setting, performance reviews, 360 feedback, and the promotion cycle. It also covers job changes and the resignation process, and concludes with a presentation about the various career paths available in the localization industry.

The second part of the course focuses on EQ and leadership skills that are critical for working within a team as well as cross-functionally. These essential skills include communication, collaboration, relationship building, influencing & change management, conflict resolution and managing up. They will help you navigate corporate environments ethically, deal with difficult coworkers or bosses, or influence change.

The third part of the course will cover some basic survival skills such as time management and energy management that are essential in the demanding, deadline-driven, multi-cultural and geographically dispersed world of localization.

Classes will also include group presentations by the students and one or more guest speakers.

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TRLM 8693

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