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Adv Localization Project Mgmt

Project managers often carry the heaviest of loads of the organizations they work for. They often make more purchases on behalf of their organizations than their managers or company owners. They have an intimate knowledge of a product that is often in a language they can’t read. They know the smallest details of the strengths and habits of the partner translators who provide that product. Yet all this knowledge is not usually developed or supported through training or documented work instructions. Instead, PMs overcome a myriad of production, processing, and people issues on-the-fly. This course serves as a response to that lack of on-the-job training. Students will first consider the importance of emotional intelligence, partner translator management, and data security to the role of project management. Students will then work through a series of case studies that present examples of the problems that can arise at each stage of the production process. Through this experience, students will develop an understanding of the importance of preventative processes, and problem-solving strategies for overcoming common issues.
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TRLM 8631

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