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Sem: Cyber-Enabled Fin Crime

Seminar: Cyber-Enabled Financial Crime

Cyber-enabled financial crime includes everything from the most sophisticated malware intrusions to the simple purchase of stolen data to commit clever spear-phishing schemes. Throughout the semester we will examine the most common ways cybercriminals are generating ill-gotten gains, who are these cybercriminals and who are their targets, how they launder those criminal proceeds, and what the public and private sector can do to defend themselves and neutralize these threats. No prior background in cybersecurity is required, although it would certainly be helpful. The deliverables for the course will include a 7 to 10 page case study and a 5 minute video with fairly high production values. The best videos will be selected for showcasing at the Monterey Threat Financing Forum in March. Some of the homework assignments and tutorials outside of class will be devoted to video production. Although the course is designed for students in the Financial Crime Management specialization, who have already successfully completed the three core courses in the FCM curriculum and would like to explore cyber-enabled financial crimes more deeply, 2nd year students with a strong interest in cybersecurity are also welcome.

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