Ascetics, Mystics, and Saints

Hispanic Catholic Ascetics, Mystics and Saints
What is mortification of the flesh and who is an ascetic? What is sanctity and who is considered holy? What is spiritual marriage and who qualifies as a mystic? In this course we will study chief Spanish (American) Catholic figures of different times and places: Saint John of the Cross (Spain), Saint Teresa of Jesus (Spain), Mary of Jesus of Agreda (Spain), Saint Juan Diego (Mexico), Saint Rose of Lima (Peru), Saint Francis Solanus (Spain-Peru), Saint Óscar Romero (El Salvador), Saint María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa (Argentina). By analyzing their work and ministry, we will understand their sociocultural contexts and explore how religion intersects with issues of evangelization, race and ethnicity, politics and social unrest, and language and identity.
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