Mary the Mother of God

Mary the Mother of God: History, Theology, and Art
In this course we will explore the emergence and development of the Marian cult from the early Christian centuries in Byzantium and the Middle East, throughout Christian history East and West. Why has Mary’s prominence been overlooked despite her centrality in Christian devotion? Through historical, archaeological, and textual research we will attempt to retrace the fragments of Mary’s life as it was remembered in the ritual experience of the faithful and reimagined in visual art. Drawing on often neglected sources, including early liturgical texts, hymnography, iconography and sacred sites, we will examine the importance of Mary’s role in the formation of early Christian belief and later Christian spiritual leadership, including female ministry and agency within the church. Finally, we will consider the paradox of the “Global Mary” apparitions: how do those sensory experiences of miracles and visions point to a contemplative theological mode that shapes the “inner” life of prayer and provides a model of holiness? (RELI 0130 or RELI 0180 or RELI 0236 or RELI 0282 or RELI 0285 or RELI 0290 or permission by the instructor). 3 hrs. sem.
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