Open GIScience
Open Source GIScience Lab

Open Geographic Information Science (formerly GEOG 0323)
In this course we will study geographic information science (GIS) with open-source software and critical GIS scholarship. In labs, we will practice techniques to include: data acquisition and preparation for analysis, spatial SQL database queries, automating analysis, spatial interpolation, testing sensitivity to error and uncertainty, and data visualization. We will read and apply critical research of GIS as a subject and with GIS as a methodology. Spatial data sources for labs and independent research projects may include remote sensing, micro-data, smart cities and open government data, and volunteered geographic information (e.g. OpenStreetMap and social media). (GEOG 0120 or GEOG 0150 or GEOG 1230) 3 hrs. lect./disc./3 hrs. lab
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GEOG 0361

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