Weimar Germany Revisited

Weimar Germany Revisited (in English)
In this course we will examine the brief but intense period of artistic creativity and political upheaval in Germany's first democracy, the Weimar Republic. Beginning with Germany's defeat in World War I, we will discuss the implications of the Versailles Treaty, the "stab-in-the-back" theory, and the growing political polarization leading to Hitler's rise to power. Contrasting this political decline with the period's increased cultural productivity, we will examine important movements like Expressionism, Dadaism, and New Objectivity in literature, the visual arts, theater, and film. Readings will include texts by Döblin, Th. Mann, Kracauer, Kästner, and Brecht. Reflecting on Weimar Germany's echo today, we will end the term with a critical evaluation of Netflix' hit show "Babylon Berlin." This course will be taught in English. This course is part of the Public Humanities Labs Initiative administered by the Axinn Center for the Humanities./
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