Art, Colonialism & DH

Art, Colonialism & the Digital Humanities
The field of Digital Humanities (DH) combines computational or digital technologies with humanistic research. In this course, digital humanistic inquiry will provide the lens through which we examine the artistic, textual, and archival legacies of European colonialism from the early modern period (late 15th through 18th centuries) to the present. Our focus will be on the visual and material culture of the Spanish, Dutch, and English empires, which included paintings, prints, illustrated texts, ceramics, and textiles, among many other items. Readings for the course will interrogate the structural inequities of power engrained in these sources—many of which persist in museums and other cultural institutions today—alongside recent scholarship in the digital humanities. Students will learn to think critically about the emerging “digital cultural archive,” while also acquiring the skills to create their own digital projects.
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