The Bible and Lives of Others

The Bible and the Lives of Others
The Bible contains stories about marginalized people who carry in themselves rich theological ideas about suffering, love, and social justice. Yet, the question of how we as global citizens should read the Bible gives rise to the challenge of considering contested views on minorities in history. In this course we will investigate ways in which the Bible portrays women, children, slaves, foreigners, and people with disabilities, using feminist and minoritized hermeneutics. Asking how these portrayals have been interpreted in modern religio–political contexts, we will reflect upon the impact of biblical interpretation on the lives of others. What does it mean to listen to the voices from the margins in our culturally diverse and politically divided world? 3 hrs. seminar. (RELI 0169 or RELI 0180 or RELI 0230 or RELI 0280 or RELI 0282 or RELI 0283 or RELI 0285 or RELI 0380 or RELI 0398)
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