Climate and Crypto

Climate and Crypto
In this course we will explore the intersection of two seemingly contrasting ideas: Climate and Crypto. Climate Change is a mass coordination problem and Crypto (or web3) is a mass coordination tool. Together we will first begin to understand the mechanics and economics of web3. We will then look at the broader climate problem and begin to see where the alignment and incentives of this new economic and technological paradigm can help with climate – in carbon markets, biodiversity, land conservation, and beyond.
Craig Wilson is the CEO of the Climate Collective, an organization dedicated to supporting the growing nexus of web3 and climate. He is also the Managing Director of the NYU Tandon Future Labs, and a Venture Partner at Allegory, a web3 and climate venture fund. He co-founded and now serves as Advisor to The Crop Project – a regenerative agricultural processing company focused on kelp. Craig has an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business and a BA from Middlebury College./
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