Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis
Seniors majoring in Biology who have completed one or more semesters of BIOL 0500 or BIOL 0700 and who plan to complete a thesis should register for BIOL 0701. In this course students will produce a written thesis, deliver a public presentation of the research on which it is based, and present an oral defense of the thesis before a committee of at least three faculty members. Additional requirements include attendance at all Biology Department seminars and participation in any scheduled meetings with disciplinary sub-groups and lab groups. Open to Biology and joint Biology/Environmental Studies majors. (BIOL 0211 and BIOL 0500 or BIOL 0700 or waiver; instructor approval required for all students) 3 hrs. disc
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BIOL 0701

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Winter 2023

BIOL0701B-W23 Senior Work (Allen)
BIOL0701C-W23 Senior Work (Combelles)
BIOL0701D-W23 Senior Work (Coe)
BIOL0701E-W23 Senior Work (Eggleston)
BIOL0701F-W23 Senior Work (Ernstrom)
BIOL0701G-W23 Senior Work (Moody)
BIOL0701H-W23 Senior Work (Sheldon)
BIOL0701I-W23 Senior Work (Spatafora)
BIOL0701J-W23 Senior Work (Spritzer)
BIOL0701K-W23 Senior Work (Ward)
BIOL0701L-W23 Senior Work (Lapin)
BIOL0701P-W23 Senior Work (Mychajliw)