Intro to Astrophysics

An Introduction to Astrophysics
In this course students will learn the fundamental concepts and techniques used by astronomers to understand the universe and its contents. These include the physics of light (which conveys the properties of astrophysical phenomena) and gravity (the fundamental force that drives orbits) as well as stellar and galactic evolution. Beginning with the Sun, we will use these tools to study the nature of stars, nuclear processes, and stellar evolution, including the deaths of stars and supernova explosions. Continuing with the Milky Way galaxy, we will also study the nature and structure of galaxies including their stellar populations, gas content, and star formation. Finally, we will investigate the large-scale environment of galaxies, galaxy mergers and interactions, active galaxies, and their evolution. (PHYS 0111, PHYS 0212 or MATH 0223) 3 hrs. lect.
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PHYS 0255

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