AS/Habitat: Design Dev.

AS/Habitat for Humanity Housing Unit: From Design Development to Bidding
Architectural Studies at Middlebury partners with Habitat for Humanity of Addison County for the design and realization of high-quality, energy-efficient, affordable housing. The objective of this interdisciplinary studio course is to develop the design of the housing unit from a conceptual level to the point that it can be bid upon competitively by contractors. This intensive process will be driven by a schedule of deliverables conceived to allow for construction to start in the following spring. Studio components include materials selection; energy analysis; code review, construction detailing; permitting; physical and digital modeling; engineering coordination; and construction specifications. This studio will continue into HARC 0373 (formerly INTD 0274) during WT: AS/Habitat for Humanity: Design Production. Students should expect a substantial amount of work outside of class time. (HARC 0330 or HARC 0371 or by permission) 3 hrs. lect./3hrs lab
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