Dance Company of Middlebury

Dance Company of Middlebury
Dancers work with the artistic director and guest choreographers as part of a dance company, learning, interpreting, rehearsing, and performing Dancers work with the artistic director and guest artists as part of the Dance Company to create original performance work. For 2021 this will include performing for virtual events and creating performance happenings on campus. Those receiving credit can expect four to six rehearsals weekly. Appropriate written work, concert and film viewing. This year all interested students can apply by writing a one-page letter of intent to laurelj@middlebury.edu. One credit will be given for each term of participation. Students are required to make a two-semester commitment and must be on campus in the spring. J-Term will focus on research and development, while the spring will focus on creating performances and virtual events. (Open to Freshmen through Seniors, by application.) (DANC 0260; Approval required) 4 hrs. lect./4 hrs. lab
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