Mayan Language Revitalization
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Mayan Language Revitalization
This course is specifically designed for students accompanying Professor Baird to Guatemala in January 2020. Students will spend the first week of the term on campus where they will learn about language revitalization strategies, the social and historic context of contact between Spanish and Mayan languages and cultures, and receive a brief introduction to the Mayan language K’ichee’. Afterwards, students will travel to Guatemala in order to collaborate with locals in a language revitalization campaign. This collaboration will include the planning and production of national radio programs, visits to local schools, and the creation and dissemination of materials. Only students that have met all of the requirements may enroll in this class. Requirements include at least 1 previous course in Spanish (300 and above), and participation in all required meetings during the Fall 2019 semester. Please note: This course had to be pre-enrolled because of the substantial planning and logistics involved. The course is therefore already full. However, students interested in this topic or in pursuing future research in this area should contact Prof. Baird to inquire about opportunities. (Approval only)
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