Genes, Brain, Behavior

Genes, Brain, and Behavior
What we experience—and how we experience it—is influenced by our unique combination of genes. For better or worse, the gene variants we inherit from our parents contribute to our predispositions to psychological disorders, our personalities, and even the way in which we perceive the world around us. To be clear, anything that you can do or think is in some way influenced by your genes. However, this statement comes with a large caveat: except in the case of (relatively) rare single gene mutations, your genes do not determine but rather contribute to who you are. Working within the field of behavior genetics, we will cover topics such as social behavior, sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, language, intelligence, and psychopathology. (PSYC 0226 or BIOL 0145 or NSCI 0251; Open to junior and senior psychology or neuroscience majors only, others by approval) 3 hrs. sem.
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