Beginning Chinese

Beginning Chinese
This course is an introduction to Mandarin (guoyu or putonghua). The course begins with simple words and phrases, the pronunciation and cadences of Mandarin, romanization, Chinese characters, and simple vocabulary items, all taught in the context of practical communication. Sentence patterns and other fundamentals of speaking, reading, and writing will be taught, including both traditional characters (used everywhere before the 1950s and still used in Taiwan and Hong Kong) and simplified characters (used in China). Students should have achieved active command of more than 600 Chinese characters and more than 800 compounds by the end of the sequence CHNS 0101, CHNS 0102, and CHNS 0103. 5 hrs. lect., 2 hrs. drill
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CHNS 0101

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CHNS0101A-F19 Lecture (Du, Wang)
CHNS0101B-F19 Lecture (Du, Wang)
CHNS0101W-F19 Drill 1 (Xu)
CHNS0101X-F19 Drill 1 (Xu)
CHNS0101Y-F19 Drill 1 (Wang)
CHNS0101Z-F19 Drill 1 (Xu)