Senior Research

Senior Research
This course is for senior NSCI majors who plan to conduct one or more semesters of independent research, or who plan to complete preparatory work toward a senior thesis, such as researching and writing a thesis proposal as well as, if appropriate, collecting data that will form the basis for a senior thesis. Senior NSCI majors who plan to complete a senior thesis should register initially for NSCI 0700. Additional requirements may include participation in weekly meetings with advisors and/or lab groups and attending neuroscience seminars. (Approval required, open to seniors only)
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NSCI 0700

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NSCI0700B-W19 Senior Work (Arndt)
NSCI0700C-W19 Senior Work (Collaer)
NSCI0700D-W19 Senior Work (Cronise)
NSCI0700E-W19 Senior Work (Dash)
NSCI0700F-W19 Senior Work (Ernstrom)
NSCI0700G-W19 Senior Work (Kimble)
NSCI0700H-W19 Senior Work (Parker)
NSCI0700I-W19 Senior Work (Root)
NSCI0700J-W19 Senior Work (Spackman)
NSCI0700K-W19 Senior Work (Spritzer)
NSCI0700L-W19 Senior Work (Waldron)
NSCI0700M-W19 Senior Work (Crocker)
NSCI0700N-W19 Senior Work (Cave)