One-Semester Senior Project

One-Semester Senior Project
Under the guidance of a faculty member, a student will carry out an independent, one-semester research project, often based on original data. The student must also participate in a senior seminar that begins the first week of fall semester and meets as necessary during the rest of the year. The final product must be presented in a written report of 25-40 pages, due the last day of classes. (Sociology or Anthropology)
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SOAN 0700

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SOAN0700A-S18 Senior Work
SOAN0700B-S18 Senior Work (McCallum)
SOAN0700C-S18 Senior Work (Oxfeld)
SOAN0700E-S18 Senior Work (Stoll)
SOAN0700F-S18 Senior Work (Nevins)
SOAN0700G-S18 Senior Work (Closser)
SOAN0700I-S18 Senior Work (Owens)
SOAN0700J-S18 Senior Work (Fitzsimmons)
SOAN0700K-S18 Senior Work (Tiger)
SOAN0700L-S18 Senior Work (Han)
SOAN0700M-S18 Senior Work (Sheridan)
SOAN0700N-S18 Senior Work (Tran)
SOAN0700O-S18 Senior Work (Lawrence)
SOAN0700P-S18 Senior Work (Morrell)