Directed Research

Directed Research in Psychology
Directed research provides opportunities for advanced students to become familiar with and participate in ongoing research projects under the direction of a faculty member. The student will first read background literature on the content area to be investigated and experimental methodologies to be used. Procedures involved in conducting psychological research will then be learned through firsthand experience. Potential activities include the design of research and the defining of conceptual variables and the gathering, analyzing, and interpretation of data. Finally, students will learn how to write technical articles in psychology by preparing a paper describing the project, using APA style. (Approval required; not open to first-year students) 3 hrs. lect.
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PSYC 0350

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Spring 2017

PSYC0350B-S17 Independent Study (Arndt)
PSYC0350D-S17 Independent Study (Collaer)
PSYC0350E-S17 Independent Study (Cronise)
PSYC0350F-S17 Independent Study (Seehuus)
PSYC0350G-S17 Independent Study (Gurland)
PSYC0350H-S17 Independent Study (Hofer)
PSYC0350I-S17 Independent Study (Kimble)
PSYC0350J-S17 Independent Study (DiBianca Fasoli)
PSYC0350K-S17 Independent Study (McCauley)
PSYC0350L-S17 Independent Study (Dash)
PSYC0350M-S17 Independent Study (Velez)
PSYC0350O-S17 Independent Study (Moeller)
PSYC0350Q-S17 Independent Study (Parker)