History Research Seminar

History Research Seminar
All history majors who have not taken a writing and research seminar are required to take HIST 0600 in their junior fall or, if abroad at that time, their senior fall semester. In this course, students will conceive, research, and write a work of history based on primary source material to the degree possible. After reading and discussion on historical methods and research strategies, students will pursue a paper topic as approved by the course professors. HIST 0600 is also open to International Studies and Environmental Studies majors with a disciplinary focus in history. 3 hr. sem
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HIST 0600

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HIST0600A-F16 Seminar (Morsman, Barrow, Burnham)
HIST0600B-F16 Seminar (Morsman, Barrow, Burnham)
HIST0600G-F16 Seminar (Burnham)
HIST0600H-F16 Seminar (Burnham)