Photographer as Storyteller

The Photobook: Photographer as Storyteller
As a photographer, your images are your raw material. The manner in which you select and present those images will determine their final power to evoke and communicate with your viewer. In this course we will explore linear and non-linear narratives and the editorial process through the creation of Photobooks. Discussions of the various forms of storytelling through pictures, as well as practical introductions to your digital camera and Adobe programs will elevate your ability to tell your own story through this medium. Students will need access to a DSLR camera with manual functions; the Davis Library has a limited number of cameras available for loan. (ART 0157, ART 0158, ART 0159, ART 0190, ART 1026, or ART 1125, or by approval) 6 hrs. lect/lab.
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