The Urban Educ. Internship

The Urban Education Internship
This internship provides teaching and learning opportunities in schools in Washington, D.C. During the term, each student will be assigned to work as an intern with a classroom teacher or program at a school in our nation's capital. Tasks will vary but may include: observing classes, tutoring, directing small-group work, working with special education students, working in the computer lab, and working with outreach programs. Students will spend four full days (M-Th) at the school each week, keep a journal, and complete a formal essay about their experience. On Fridays, students will engage in an extensive reflective seminar and work with staff in our Middlebury College, Washington, D.C. office. Lodging and a lunch stipend are provided. (EDST 0115 or SOAN 0215; Approval required, please contact Jonathan Miller-Lane or Trish Dougherty prior to registration). (Pass/Fail)
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